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We’re passionate about providing a simple but effective procurement solution.
The procurement we offer ensures that our clients have the safest food and the piece of mind knowing that the food purchasers coming through has been audited to the highest standard.

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Northern caterers has been established for over 70 years and has served many major companies in the UK.

The procurement we offer ensures that our clients have the safest food and the piece of mind knowing that the food purchasers coming through has been audited to the highest standard.
Northern Caterers always try and purchase locally if viable to do so but only if the supplier has the correct accreditation in place.
There is no cost to our service because we are passionate in supplying and ensuring that are clients are food safe and that there are no unwanted ingredients.

We also offer a free HACCP system once the client is happy with our service.

Our one stop invoice service is beneficial to the finance office as we chase all payments, delivery notes, credits pay all suppliers and then issue the customer with one invoice.

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Northern Caterers believe in Quality food for Schools.


We only engage the services of suppliers who can satisfy the rigorous audits Northern Caterers carry out.

  • The supplier will have procedures in place to guarantee the due diligence trail
  • Any food delivered is guaranteed safe “From Farm to Fork”
  • All high risk foods are delivered in temperature controlled vehicles, which are checked during audits
  • All suppliers will work to a delivery window which suits our client within reason
  • Delivery notes come with the products, any short or wrong deliveries will be identified by our client at site but then the chasing of the necessary paperwork i.e. credit notes is carried out by Northern Caterers Head Office staff
  • Ordering can be done on line with many of our suppliers to save precious time on the telephone
  • Our suppliers build up a history to aid future ordering
  • Branded products are available as well as many own brand alternatives which are cost effective but still high quality
  • We will source any products our client wants to buy if we do not have it available. However the number of products we supply is extensive

We believe in
quality food for Schools


Menus from Northern Caterers meet nutritional standards so that children have healthy, balanced diets.

Below is an example of a typical weekly menu:


 MainVegetables / SideDesert
MondayMini toad in the holes with gravy

Quorn sausages
Mashed potato
Baked beans, Green beans
Apple and blackberry crumble with custard or cheese & biscuits with grapes
TuesdayCheese Pie

Baked haddock in crumb
Potato wedges
Sliced carrots, peas
Mandarin Jelly with icecream or Jam sponge with custard
WednesdayRoast chicken with Yorkshire pudding

Vegetable pizza
Roast potatoes
Sweetcorn, leeks
Strawberry cheesecake or Rice pudding
ThursdayMeat balls with tomato sauce

Vegetable korma
Broccoli, cauliflower & carrot medley
Citrus sponge with custard or melon
FridayBattered fish

Battered chicken pieces
Peas, baked beans
Swiss roll or fresh fruit salad, milkshake

Available daily Fresh fruit, yoghurts, salads and bread


We offer a full compliance service for Food Health and Safety requirements
including a properly implemented food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

The advantages are:
• Fully trained catering staff
• Increase in employee awareness and participation in food safety
• Reduction in product loss
• Increase in product quality
• Consistency in product preparation
• Comfortable that all procedures are being followed such as temperature control, cleaning schedules, cross contamination and personal hygiene

Managing food safety should be as fully integrated into your operation as those actions that you might take to open in the morning, ensure a profit, or manage cash flow.

By putting in place an active, ongoing system, made up of actions intended to create the desired outcome, you can achieve your goal of improving food safety. The application of the HACCP principles provides one system that can help you accomplish that goal.

If there is a food safety issue with your business, the only admissible defence you have is that of due diligence.
This means being able to prove you have taken all necessary steps to control risks and produce safe food.
Our HACCP Food Safety System helps you, demonstrate your DUE DILIGENCE.


We work with the catering staff to provide a service that is cost effective and to increase the take-up of the school meal offering. Children will benefit from a wide variety of food on offer rather than bringing a packed lunch.

Eating in school should be a pleasurable experience and that’s why we work with the catering staff to make it so.

We have a flexible approach to offer you what you need from our services from purchasing, training to full management support.
Northern Caterers will work with your catering staff to achieve the right solution for you.


ONE MONTHLY INVOICE – This includes all the suppliers. All the school caterer has to do is stamp each delivery note and document any problems, send them to our Head Office weekly,
We check prices, we chase any credits we then send an invoice at the end of the month.

This will have a total analysis of what has been paid to each supplier each month. Saving administration costs for the school or college.


  • Northern Caterers audit each of our suppliers to ensure that there is due diligence and full traceability.
  • Northern Caterers monitor suppliers to make sure that the service is good and that quality is up to a high standard. Thereby achieving value for money without compromising standards.
  • Northern Caterers are also able to provide any vending machines that you may need in the school or college with full maintenance back up.


  • We will complete an audit on the catering procedures and put in place necessary changes and provide the backing and support to make the relevant changes.
  • Many education kitchens are outdated and need some updating to provide the more healthy food options. we will make recommendations regarding equipment and put a plan together to meet budgets and achieve a more workable kitchen.
  • Carry out risk assessment and put together HACCP along with a flow chart (which is easy to follow) and identifies the key critical control points.
  • We will put in place documentation which is to be completed i.e cleaning schedules, temperature controls, training records. this gives the educational establishment the due diligence required meet legislation.
  • Initial training sessions will be carried out, northern caterers is a registered centre with EHO. all staff members will be trained to at least level 2 in food safety.
  • An audit will be carried out on site each term to check that all procedures are being followed. a report will be sent to include any improvements which need to be made. extra training can be provided and charged as and when needed.
  • We only use audited suppliers who meet the criteria for offering products which are ethically sourced and meet stringent hygiene controls.
  • We will work with the catering staff to help with menu planning for the particular establishment and advice will be given to make sure the government standards are being met. also the menu needs to be right for the particular school or college and meet the needs of the children, staff and parents.

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Current economic pressures are forcing industry to reduce overheads and to become even more competitive.

Clients need to reduce subsidies and in a growing number of cases to eliminate subsidy and to operate on a commercial basis.

Subsidy has for too long rewarded the inefficient…

Read more about nil cost catering



Nil Cost Catering

Current economic pressures are forcing industry to reduce overheads and to become even more competitive.

Clients need to reduce subsidies and in a growing number of cases to eliminate subsidy and to operate on a commercial basis.

For many organisations a commercial approach is the only basis for the future retention of a catering service at all.

Pressure for a change – Are you one of the many companies in the UK that want to reduce or eliminate the ever increasing cost of catering?

Organisations are now under huge pressure to reduce or eliminate subsidy due to the following:

  • Cut back in the number of employees available to use services
  • Reduced working hours
  • Shorter meal breaks
  • Falling usage
  • Ever increasing overheads eg Energy, Labour, Rent/Rates etc.
  • External market pressures

The provision of a conventional assisted service with its high food production costs, service and administration costs are, for an ever increasing number of companies, far too archaic in the present day.

Organisations are now under huge pressure to reduce or eliminate subsidies U-SELECT-IT provides the solution to this by offering a fresh food & beverage service that reflects today’s high street eating trends – all at a potential Nil Cost!

Real choice

The most important aspect of using our U-SELECT-IT system is the quality of the drinks, snacks and food that are finally consumed.

The U-SELECT-IT system supplies a wide range of healthy products, which consistently provide the best drink, snack or food item available.

From coffee to snacks, we offer brand leading household names, that have been carefully selected for quality and health considerations.

We believe in offering customers “choice” and that is why we utilise a balanced approach, with all food items correctly labelled to give nutritional information, snacks that are great for those counting calories and drinks that reflect today’s customer requirements providing healthier options.


fairtrade coffee

Ethical producers

Many consumers expect coffee businesses to have an ethical approach to their coffee and three quarters believe that the best way to verify a product’s social or environmental claims is through an independent, third party organisation such as Fairtrade. By offering Fairtrade certified tea, coffee and other products through our system, U-Select-It hope to make a difference to the lives of farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Fairtrade guarantees producer organisations a fair and stable price for their products that covers their costs and enables them to support their families and invest in a better future.By looking for the Fairtrade Mark customers can be assured that producers are getting a better deal.

U-Select-It supports this initiative.

Single Sourcing

Where clients have more than one site, single sourcing of catering facilities with U-SELECT-IT makes sense – especially when the supplier has a unique service to offer:


Consistency of standards, simplicity of administration, accounting and reporting are just some of the benefits.

Food and beverage services can be seen as the corporate identity – the same people delivering the same message – this is what single sourcing can offer.

U-Select-It want to develop long term, open relationships with clients by introducing our unique service solutions.

The advantages and benefits of moving to single sourcing using U-SELECT-IT are as follows:

  • Nil Cost Potential
  • Simple Reporting Systems
  • Minimal Client Involvement
  • Ease of Administration
  • Personal Service
  • Consistency of Service & Strategic Policy



Greener Economy

As we all become more conscientious about what we eat, the environment and the world – now is the time to act if you want to make a change for the better.

U-Select-It has created a sustainable food and beverage service.

This includes biodegradable packaging, energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gases and the introduction of recycling bins for cups, bottles and cans.

No need for high energy kitchen equipment, i.e. bain maries, convection ovens. The U-Select-It system works without the need for a kitchen. A small preparation/ storage area is all that is needed.

No need for high powered dishwashers. U-Select-It use environmentally friendly packaging on their products.

Wherever possible, U-Select-It vending machines operate with an energy management system.

Changing for the better

Here are just a few of the ways U-SELECT-IT can help change your food and beverage services for the better.

  • Introduce an environment dedicated to promoting fresh, healthy food and drinks
  • Improve the health of your employees and customers
  • Eliminate traditional on-site cooking as all items are delivered-in fresh
  • The removal of ever increasing labour costs and problems dealing with recruitment
  • Provide a 24 hour, 7 day fresh food and beverage service covering all shifts
  • No more complicated monthly accounts
  • No more long-term rental agreements or management fees
  • Release of production floor space
  • Potential Nil cost
  • Energy bills reduced
  • No capital outlay required for new or upgraded kitchens
  • Total peace of mind
  • Minimal client involvement



Proven Success

For a system to be successful it must prove its worth across a broad spectrum of applications.

Clients include:

  • Automotive
  • Food Producers
  • Financial
  • Consumer Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Health
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Transport

The Human Touch

Our goal is to provide imaginative catering at a high standard for the times when you need to offer hospitality. In these days of high expectations the quality of the food and service will reflect on you as a host.

We can offer the solution from an internal working lunch to a more substantial buffet meal for visitors and external clients.

For companies that have buffet and function requirements a function brochure is put together to reflect each client’s requirements and corporate philosophy.

This ensures that business guests from home and overseas markets are assured of the care and attention they deserve.

Cashless Catering

Reflecting the universal move away from the problems associated with coins and cash, the Mi Zip system incorporates the newest generation of cashless payment systems based around a smart key.

Transactions are deducted from credits or allowances stored on the key itself.

This system improves reliability and security and ensures ease of use by each customer, which leads to increased sales.

Mi Zip system is a cashless system which allows customers to purchase from the vending machines and till points through credit stored in their Zip.



U-SELECT-IT Aftercare

You are not forgotten once the system is installed!

Our regional managers visit each client on a regular basis to ensure that our service meets with everyone’s approval, as close liaison of this kind keeps our clients informed and cared for.

In all, the commercial nature of U-SELECT-IT, backed up with our professional management and maintenance service, enables you to provide a quality fresh food and beverage service to your staff and customers all with little involvement or hassle.

“Simplifying your life”

U-Select-It have spent years – and a great deal of investment – in developing a support structure capable of looking after clients throughout the UK.

U-Select-It conducts food presentations and site visits on a regular basis throughout the UK.

This enables prospective clients and customers to sample some of the food items we would propose making available through the U-SELECT-IT system.

Such an event is always a success and enables clients and customers to fully appreciate the quality and freshness of both hot and cold items by trying and tasting individual products.

Site visits are also encouraged so that U-SELECT-IT systems can be seen in real life situations. Our clients also, when available are happy to answer any questions you may have.


What is the minimum number of people required for your vending services?

Our nil cost service normally requires a minimum population of 100 or more employees. However the viability of the service we provide relies on us being able to implement a sensible and realistic pricing structure which in some cases enables us to look after sites with less than 100 employees.

What about Healthy Selections?

We believe in variety and choice and so we offer a balanced approach offering a range of products which include healthy choices.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

The contract simply sets out the services to be provided and any payment terms if nil cost is not possible to you.

If you have any questions you cannot find answers to here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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