We offer a full compliance service for Food Health and Safety requirements
including a properly implemented food safety management system based on HACCP principles.

The advantages are:
• Fully trained catering staff
• Increase in employee awareness and participation in food safety
• Reduction in product loss
• Increase in product quality
• Consistency in product preparation
• Comfortable that all procedures are being followed such as temperature control, cleaning schedules, cross contamination and personal hygiene

Managing food safety should be as fully integrated into your operation as those actions that you might take to open in the morning, ensure a profit, or manage cash flow.

By putting in place an active, ongoing system, made up of actions intended to create the desired outcome, you can achieve your goal of improving food safety. The application of the HACCP principles provides one system that can help you accomplish that goal.

If there is a food safety issue with your business, the only admissible defence you have is that of due diligence.
This means being able to prove you have taken all necessary steps to control risks and produce safe food.
Our HACCP Food Safety System helps you, demonstrate your DUE DILIGENCE.

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